We have full-service funeral homes specializing in:

  • Limousine & Transport Services
  • Obituary Support
  • Funeral Services
  • Notary Public
  • Cremations
  • Memorial Video Tribute Service
  • Funeral Program Design & Printing
  • Domestic & International Shipping
  • Pre-Need Arrangements
  • Caskets, Vaults & Urns
  • Headstones and Monuments
  • Online Memorial Websites
  • Life Insurance


We believe it is essential to provide the best funeral service, complete personal attention to detail, and the very best possible form of professionalism to every family who allows us the opportunity to serve them.

Whether you choose a Burial Service or one involving Cremation, our responsibility is to create a meaningful service that is individually personalized to your needs and that reflects the life of your loved one.

Our desire is to help the family graciously receive their guests, in a facility that is relaxing and suited to them, and one that speaks well of the method in which they have chosen to honor the memory of their loved one. Our spacious rooms are well lit, and comfortable, keeping with today’s trends in fashion, while at the same time making use of paintings and antique furnishings in the proper settings.

Our goal in serving each family who comes to us, is to help them celebrate the life of their loved one, to assist each family in providing dignified services to honor the life of their loved ones.

We can assist families in applying for, Veteran and insurance benefits. We also welcome the opportunity to assist families who have an interest or need in setting up funeral prearrangements. We also provide assistance to families in ordering cemetery markers and other unique memorial items such as memorial video tributes.Visit our funeral services page for (Basic and Upgraded Packages)

Our Service Areas & Locations

Sewell Funeral Homes has 2 locations from which we can serve you with funeral service arrangements and pre-arrangements. Call us anytime at the Grantville Location (770-583-2155) or the Manchester Location (706-846-4520). Both Locations serve over 10 counties in West Central Georgia with all our services.

Complete services provided by each location.